Group Fitness

looking for the best, most effective fat blasting workout? then look no further than our outdoor groups, FITBOX & BOOTCAMPS. We concentrate on using whole body, compound movements utilising a variety of strength, cardio and boxing exercises that are guaranteed to get you performing at your peak fast!

Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

All classes are ongoing through-out the year and offer a range of packages to suit any budget. Your group sessions will burn body fat, increase your strength, endurance and flexibility, as well as increasing your core abdominal strength to have you feeling at your best & ready to conquer your future goals. ??Before starting your Group classes, we will conduct a basic fitness test to help monitor your progress through out your journey, with another one every 4 to 6 weeks to see just how much you have achieved.

Our group classes take place in various locations around south western & western Sydney with morning & evening sessions allowing you to train up to 6 or more times per week!

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