“Not many people stick with a personal trainer… But I have. For one simple reason.. Results. So far with Cam I’ve lost more than 20 kilos, developed muscle size and definition. I don’t mind looking in the mirror anymore! Cam does it with a sense of humor, motivation and an approach based on knowledge and experience.”

Stuart Napier 54 Hinchinbrook

“Good value workout, reasonably priced with plenty of variety. Upper body, lower body, abs & core, cardio, strengthening with boxing, skipping, medicine balls & ropes etc.”


“I have been doing personal training and boot camp with Headturners since February 2011, in this time my fitness levels and strength have improved considerably. Cam is an easy going trainer that makes every session enjoyable and he’s never afraid to push me! The sessions are always interesting and include lots of great equipment. Cam has extensive knowledge of many aspects of fitness and personal training, such as advice on effective stretching techniques, nutrition, weight loss and exercises to target particular areas. Cam is always there to help and go the extra mile to help his clients!”


“Every Part of the session was enjoyable and beneficial. Mostly, I learned new exercises that specifically targeted the areas I was concerned about. Cam is very easy to be around and pleasantly down to earth – that quality alone is something I appreciate, especially when I compare him to some I have trained with in the fitness industry. Cam talked me through the exercises to make sure I was executing them properly, and getting the most out of my training. which was a big part of the enjoyment factor. I also enjoyed using the different training techniques in the circuit – it made the workout interesting. Fabulous experience all round.

I really appreciated Cams encouragement and care factor around my struggles with juggling family obligations and time to focus on my own health and wellbeing. The main benefit I feel was truely priviliged with was a positive attitude adjustment; Cams passion for overall good health impacted my thoughts greatly and I have worked with them now I am back in my normal circumstances. I thank him very much for that.”

Joanne Markson 41 Penrith

“Your sessions are heaps of fun, we really enjoy coming to you. It is always different and it is pushing us. Personally, it gives me heaps more energy, I feel much more muscles than before and it is just fun to train on a harder level than I did before, so thank you for that .”

Debra Greenwood 27 Bankstown

“”I really enjoyed the variation in sessions and whole body exercises which were much more challenging than regular gym exercises. I lost 14cm off my waist and increased my strength and stamina dramatically in only 12 weeks!”

Joseph Azzopardi 38 Fairfield

“”I really enjoy the fitness tests regularly to see the progress I’ve made. I have a lot more energy, I feel a lot stronger and fitter, healthy weight loss and I’ve toned up a lot””

Donna Wright 37 Baulkham hills